How can I estimate the price of removing my tree?

Whether big or small, removing a tree is best when left to professional tree removing service providers, but how can you estimate the cost you will have to bear for removing a tree professionally and safely? We are here with all the answers.

Costs vary according to the complexity. Also, the size, accessibility, and health of the tree play an important part in the final cost. Also, removing debris from the ground may cost extra. Let’s take a look at what factors matter when you estimate the price of your tree getting removed.

Size of the Tree

The size of your tree will have a great impact on the overall cost of the project. If you want to remove a large tree, there are high risks and safety hazards involved thus leading to higher costs. As arborists will require special equipment to climb a tall tree and risks get higher, so the cost will be higher too. However, there are no strict rules on how different companies categorize your tree’s height in the same way.

Type of the Tree

The size of a tree plays a vital role in removal costs. However, determining cost might also get influenced by the type of tree. Some of the most common tree types include a palm tree, oak tree, pine tree, and maple tree. The cost estimates for the removal of these trees are dependent on their typical mature heights. Usually, maple tree removal costs higher than others.

Fallen Tree

If the tree you need to remove is fallen already, you’re most likely to pay less as compared to a standing tree. A standing tree comes with higher risk and more work, so there are safety hazards that typically run up the bill. If you need an experienced team of professionals to remove a fallen tree from your yard, you can count on S & B Tree Services.

 Tools and Equipment Used

Removing a tree requires the use of appropriate equipment so that the job is handled safely and efficiently. Some companies use different equipment depending on the particular needs of a tree removal service. They might have to use protective gear in addition to the equipment needed for removal. Therefore, the more sophisticated equipment your tree removal needs, the higher you will have to pay.

Disposal of wood and debris after removal

Unless you want to leave the wood after removing the tree, you might need to pay for removing wood and debris in addition to the tree itself. Also, if you opt for breaking down a tree into chips using a chipper or have the tree cut into smaller sections that you can use as firewood. So, no matter what extra service you choose, you will have to pay extra.

Risks to property and surroundings

If your tree removal is likely to cause danger to any neighbourhood property or nearby structures like public pavements and roads, the cost of this tree removal job can be higher. So, the potential risk should be kept in mind when estimating costs.

Diameter of the trunk

A tree’s trunk is usually similar to the height. So, usually, it is not considered to have a great effect on tree removal. However, in some cases, it may have a great impact. For instance, a small tree with a thick trunk is likely to take longer to cut down as compared to a small tree that has its trunk proportional to its height. So, if the tree has a relatively bigger and thicker trunk, your bills might increase.

Can you negotiate the removal price?

Just like buying any other service, a tree removal estimate can be negotiated to get a deal that suits your tree removing needs as well as budget requirements. However, if you wish to negotiate, don’t compromise the quality and safety and not just a cheap quote.



As tree removal requires keeping all the potential risk factors and knowledge in mind, the service is best when left to professionals and tree removal services experts like S & B Tree services. So, call in a professional to have your tree removed with utmost safety and efficiency to avoid any damages and low-quality workmanship. Also, if you want to remove a small tree and you don’t have the gear required, hiring a professional would cost less than DIY tree removal. So, contact us now let us take care of removing your tree professionally.