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Mulching is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and protected garden. From bark nuggets and peach pips to wood chips, mulch helps retain essential moisture in the soil and minimizes excessive weed growth.

Northern Beach Tree Services is specialized in the delivery of small to large volumes of mulch for your landscaping requirements. Our professional arborist can assist in the pruning of tree limbs and stump removal, transforming these stems and stumps into usable mulch on-site!

The Benefits of Using Mulch for Your Garden

The soil conditions created for the sustained growth of trees, shrubs and flowers include decayed leaf matter, the presence of earthworms and general garden debris. These all work together to restore soil nutrients. The continuous cycle ensures that plants continue to thrive especially in the summer when heat can quickly evaporate essential moisture.


The Importance of Mulching

A major benefit of applying a layer of natural mulch for your garden is the moisture retention. During the hot Australian summer, when temperatures soar, a lack of mulch will leave plants parched and roots at risk of burning. Norther Beach Tree Services assists with the delivery and application of mulch to keep the water in and your plants thriving in the heat.

Mulching will reduce the frequency of watering. Save on your utility bills and water your garden less frequently as soil remain moist for longer when mulch is applied.

Prevent weeds from popping up in your flower beds. Mulch can minimize the opportunity for weeds to make its way into your garden and wreak havoc with uncontrolled growth.

The breakdown of natural garden waste and particles will feed the nutrients back into the soil. You can create a self-sustaining environment with the use of natural mulch layers.

Provide the roots of trees and other plants with the protection that it needs. Mulch can minimize root exposure during the heat but it also minimizes frost damage.

Call on Your Trusted Tree Service Providers for Your Mulching Needs
Northern Beach Tree Services assist all Australian properties with its mulching requirements. We can advise on the type and the amount of mulch your garden needs. Mulch can also be used to cover sandy areas that are unappealing and prone to soil erosion.
Mulching is an important part of maintaining a healthy and wonderfully landscaped garden. If you need mulch, we can provide it! Contact us today and receive a competitive mulching estimate.