Northern Beaches Tree Services



Tree stumps are not only a major eyesore but becomes a hazardous object in an otherwise well-organized outdoor space. Our specialized landscaping practices include stump grinding. It involves the shredding of an entire tree stump to the roots creating a flat surface without risk of regrowth. This no-fuss method minimizes the enormity of digging out old or new tree stumps and the devastation it can cause to the surrounding environment.

Northern Beach Tree Services specializes in stump grinding. We remain ahead of the curve when it comes to arborist techniques and technology that create efficiency and cost savings for our clients.

Whether you have had a tree cut down or suffered the breakage of a trunk, the stump and root system are left behind. These remaining parts of the tree can be too extensive to dig out and removing by hand is an impossibility. Tree roots grow deeply and often spread out across many metres depending on the size of the tree. Using a spade to dig around a stump could take days to weeks to achieve any kind of result. Alternatively, excavators are often utilized to forcibly pull the stump out of the ground. This can cause enormous holes and will leave an otherwise intact garden in a terrible mess.

The cost of digging out or excavating a stump can quickly become exorbitant. Not only must a team of professionals perform the job, but extra expenses include soil to fill the hole and landscape the area.


Norther Beach Tree Services makes stump removal simple and efficient. We utilize stump grinders. The contemporary arbor equipment is so powerful it will grind the remaining stump into wood chips. This eliminates the need for major hauling apparatus and the upheaval that conventional stump removal can cause.

If a tree stump in your yard has become a frustrating obstacle or an unnecessary remainder after a tree has been cut down, call on Northern Beach Tree Services for stump grinding. We will deliver a friendly and highly experienced service to grind down any sized stump. The remaining pieces or chips can serve as an economical mulch for the garden or simply serve to keep the hole closed.

Stump grinding is a valuable and contemporary solution to eliminating any sized tree stump on your property. It ensures the entire stump is shredded and any remaining roots unable to grow and continue to cause damages. Call on us for practical and efficient stump grinding solutions.