S&B Tree services trimming the tree.

Things you should be aware of before removing your tree

It is challenging to remove a tree and some people think that it's as simple as grabbing a saw and cutting the tree down. So, you need to be very careful about the properties and residents around the tree you’re planning to cut down. S & B Tree services offer their services in removing trees with ultimate precision so that your tree is perfectly and completely removed. Tree removal is risky and should be handled with utmost care so that you efficiently remove the tree while keeping yourself safe.

Getting Approval for Tree Removal Application

Getting approval for tree removal applications can be tricky because the state and the local council protect these trees. Trees are a vital part of our environment and it is essential to have a permit before removing a tree. Also, it’s important to know that councils can pursue legal actions against false reports on the condition of the tree you want to remove. For instance, dead, dying, or posing any imminent danger.

Make sure you get the right tools and equipment

One of the most important things to ensure is to gather around the right tools and equipment you need for successful and precise tree removal. No matter the size of your tree, you may need wedges, axe, chainsaws, ropes, and a ladder to complete the process safely and with sufficient equipment around. Also, make sure you leave the ground clean as you get done with your work.

Ensure you have clean & clear surroundings

Residents and properties around the tree you wish to remove are also at a high risk of getting damaged by a tree falling. The reason is that when cutting a tree down, you will never know which direction it will fall in. So, keep the surroundings clean so that no property or lives get hurt.

Avoid Electrical Damages

Cutting a tree carelessly can cause damage to properties, residents, as well as electrical systems and can lead to electrical shocks or short circuits and cutting a tree requires a detailed assessment of different factors. So, before you start to cut a tree down, please consider the aforementioned aspects so that electrical systems, as well as your life, are safe.

Use Protective Gear when cutting a Tree

In addition to having the sufficient and right tools and equipment for removing a tree, one should ensure using safety equipment that includes thick gloves and safety glasses so that exposed parts of your skin are kept safe and protected.

Choosing the right service

When it comes to hiring a professional tree removal service provider, many people fail to find the right company. It is wrongly believed that all the companies offer the same level of expertise and services. However, the professionalism and expertise greatly vary on how efficiently they remove a tree. So, it’s recommended to check the insurance and license of the professionals you’re asking to provide a tree removing service. Too many things could go horribly wrong if you attempt to remove a tree on your own or trust an inexperienced service provider.

Avoid leaning your ladder against a tree

If you use a ladder for tree removal, the risk of the tree shifting and causing a fall can be high. So, this stunt accounts for a great percentage of injuries. You shouldn’t risk your life by leaning your ladder against a tree if some part of it is higher to be removed, you must contact a professional.

Figuring out where the tree falls

Figuring out the direction where your tree is likely to fall. One should find out whether the tree you’re cutting down tends leaning one way or the other. It is simply best to opt for a drop zone where it is likely to land naturally. Therefore, choosing a level spot to avoid rolling and bouncing off the tree and causing damage or injuries.

Call S & B Safe and professional tree removal

S & B Tree Services is your one-stop solution for reliable services like tree removal, trimming, and stump removal. The professional workers and craftsman in our team leave no stone unturned to finish the tree removal job perfectly and in an efficient way. Our professionals hold the license to offer services in your area. We offer emergency services so that you don’t have to wait for hours to get your tree removing job done as quickly as possible thus avoiding sticking with situations like trees fallen due to storms.


So, contact us and get professional tree removing services now.