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Tree Pruning North Shore & Northern Beaches

Routine tree pruning is one of the most important steps in maintaining the health and beauty of vegetation. Trees require a regular prune or a light trim to manage its shape and growth but also to encourage strong bud formation and branch development. The pruning has to be performed at specific seasons to provide trees and shrubs the best chance of surviving the summer or the winter weather.

Northern Beach Tree Services provides tree pruning and tree lopping solutions for homes and commercial properties in Australia. We have invested in developing a highly skilled workforce knowledgeable in the latest arborist techniques. With specialized equipment, a tree prune and its general maintenance is performed to the benefit of the tree. Dead or weak branches are removed, overgrowth addressed and the canopy provided shape and structure to facilitate balanced future development. Pruning of fruit trees at the correct times of the year is imperative for buds, pollination and the development of healthy fruits.

Why Professional Tree Pruning is Necessary

Tree branches and stems must be trimmed and pruned in the correct manner. Improper cutting and lopping can quickly create areas of damage and weakness. These areas make it easier for disease to migrate or insects to take over and destroy the entire specimen.


How Trees Can Benefit from Scheduled Pruning Services

Trees that lack strength, structure and shape require a prune to provide it the best chance of healthy regrowth. We specialize in removing old and tattered branches that compromise normal healthy development.

Overgrown or unshapely canopies can become an eyesore and maintenance problem. Our specialized equipment and the correct safety gear allow us to reach the tallest canopies for shaping and the removal of weak or dead branches. Our talented team of arborists reduce thick and heavy canopies with light trimming. This helps even the smallest of trees cope with wind damage and is an important part of safe tree keeping. All thinning procedures are completed by select certified professionals.

Northern Beach Tree Services helps address safety aspects in your garden or business premises. We identify problematic growth and tackle every pruning requirement with the highest standards of care. Our goal is to apply the techniques and deliver the knowledge for the betterment of trees.

We advise against attempting to cut and prune back trees without professional assistance. Trimming trees is a highly specialized procedure requiring the correct use of tools and certification. Contact us today and we can provide a valuable quotation for safe and effective tree pruning.