Northern Beaches Tree Services



Large overgrown and diseased or mature trees not only appear less aesthetic in an outdoor space, but pose a serious risk as branches break off and roots can die. A large weak tree with vulnerable stems could snap and leave destruction in its wake upon the first storm or without warning.
Norther Beach Tree Services is your trusted professional in all tree removal and tree lopping practices. Whether vegetation in a residential or a commercial property has succumbed to disease, drought or poor nutrition, our expert arborist team is fully equipped to trim or completely remove the problem tree.

Tree Lopping

Our dedicated tree lopping helps restore healthy tree growth. With precision technique and specialized tools, we can restore the immaculate shape of many tree species. Neglected trees affected by disease or damage to weakened root systems can all benefit from a hard prune to restore its beauty and integrity.
Lopping services minimize the risk of heavy branches breaking in strong winds. Your professional service is knowledgeable in identifying weak or diseased stems for complete removal. Hazards are controlled and the tree provided the best chance of healthier, stronger growth.

S&B-Tree Removal

Tree Removals

Problem trees that cannot be restored to its original beauty and growth may have to be removed. Sparse growth and a weak structure can leave even the most impressive specimens at risk of complete root upheaval during a storm. If you have trees that need to be removed, call on Northern Beach Tree Services. We deliver safe, efficient and effective removal of problematic trees for residential and commercial properties.

The removal process requires careful planning. Our experienced and certified team will come out to your property to inspect the size, health and location of the tree. If it is protected or indigenous, we proceed with obtaining council permits before any action can be initiated.

Tree removals are extensive and hazardous procedures. It requires a high level of knowledge and expertise to ensure every aspect of the job is handled with care and attention to detail. Northern Beach Tree Services is committed to performing tree removal with a specialized and technical approach. Our expert team is fully equipped to prune, cut down and remove stumps and roots.

When you need trees removed, call on Northern Beach Tree Services. Providing landscaping solutions for major cities and surrounds in Australia, we are committed to delivering highly specialized practices with our experienced and certified team.