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Tree Removal Services North Shore

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    Sydney's best reviewed Tree Services Company!

    Tree Removal Services North Shore

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      Or call our office on 1300 159 793 or send us an email at michael@auratreeservices.com.au

      S&B Tree Services

      Tree Lopping North Shore

      Tree lopping is one of the best techniques utilized by tree specialists and arboriculturists from around the world, to keep trees healthy and thriving within any environment. This technique is an extreme tree trimming technique that involves removing large sections within a tree by removing a certain amount of large tree branches. Tree lopping can be done within residential areas and even commercial areas, to keep your trees looking lively and healthy. S&B Tree Services is North Shore’s premier arboriculture and landscaping company, taking care of any landscaping situation that could arise within the area. One of the main services that we offer is tree lopping. Lopping your trees provides them with a multitude of benefits, including positively improving the overall health of your trees. Allow the professional tree specialists at S&B Trees to efficiently and safely perform lopping on all of your trees. Our team of specialists will be able to cut off the affected parts of your trees in a way that perfectly allows for your trees to regrow and blossom in a truly healthy and positive way.

      Tree Trimming North Shore

      Trimming a tree can make an incredible difference, visually, to your entire landscaped area. When you have overgrown trees shielding your property, the true beauty of your residency or your commercial space is hiding from the eyes of viewers everywhere. Your overgrown trees can even begin to implement damage to your powerlines and other elements of your property that could become a hazard to yourself, your family, and even your employees. Trust the professionals at S&B Trees to properly care for all of your tree trimming services. Our team of incredibly capable and efficient landscaping specialists have the skill sets to accurately trim your trees to perfection, creating an entirely beautiful landscape that will surround your residential household or your commercial office space. Through our aesthetically pleasing trimming services, S&B Trees will be able to provide you with a landscape unlike any other! S&B Trees is known as North Shores top tree trimming service, providing our services and expertise to all of the citizens living within the area. We understand the importance of having well-trimmed trees residing on your land or property, so give the professionals at S&B Trees a call today! Through meticulous craftsmanship and tree trimming artistry, the specialists at S&B Trees will have your greenery looking healthy and beautiful in no time.

      S&B Trees arborist team.

      S&B Trees, North Shores Best Tree Removalists

      At S&B Trees, the happiness of our customers come first! S&B Trees is known as Sydney’s premier tree company, filled with professional landscapers and arboriculturists that know exactly how to care for your trees and other landscaping needs. Trees are the main catalysts in providing clear and cleaner air to our environment, along with protecting certain land areas from particular weather conditions. Our arboriculture specialists understand the importance of trees and know how to keep your trees, land, and the rest of your environment entirely healthy. S&B Trees prides itself by delivering knowledgeable and perfectly managed landscaping experiences, including tree removal services. If you require professional tree services, conveniently located in the North Shores area, trust the specialists at S&B Trees to take care of your landscaping needs. S&B Trees in North Shore is a premier landscaping and tree service company, that has the tools and the skill sets readily available to take on any landscaping issue that your residential household or commercial office space may be experiencing. Trust in the professional and capable landscapers and arboriculturists at S&B Trees. We even have expert arboriculturists ready to remove your even Northern Beaches trees or perform Sydney wide tree removal services.

      When Do You Need to Get Your North Shore Tree Removed?

      S&B Trees has a team of professional and knowledgeable landscapists and arboriculturists that can assist you in fulfilling any landscaping venture you may be wanting or even needing. Located in The North Shore area, S&B Trees specializes in a myriad of tree services, mainly specializing in Tree Removal services. We understand that most individuals will want to try every other option before entirely removing their beloved trees. However, tree removal is sometimes the only option that individuals have. Overgrown or even diseased trees sometimes need to be completely removed, to allow the environment surrounding them to completely thrive and grow. A tree that is diseased or is a danger to the environment it inhabits needs a professional arboriculture and tree servicing company to safely and effectively remove it. Trust the professionals at S&B Trees, located in the North Shore area, to carefully and precisely remove any tree that you may need to be removed from your residential household or commercial space. S&B Trees has the technological devices and the expertise to swiftly and safely remove any tree from any location. We are the most trusted arboriculture and tree service company in the North Shore area and can provide our award-winning services to any area.

      Stump Grinding North Shore

      Tree stumps that are leftover from trees being cut down or removed from certain properties, can become quite a hassle to maneuver around when they are left behind. Allow the professional arboriculturists and landscapers at S&B Trees, located in the North Shore area, to safely and swiftly remove any tree stumps that may be lingering on your property. Through the simple solution of stump grinding, S&B Trees can remove any type of stump that may be bothersome towards you. S&B Trees team of landscapers are specifically trained on how to use a stump grinder, which is a specific machine that can perfectly chew up the left-behind wood stumps on your property, creating a clear landscape for you to live and work on. Our specific grinder can remove stumps and the roots of that stump 6 – 8 inches below the ground, ensuring that the stump is properly removed from your property. Call the tree stump removing and grinding specialists at S&B Trees North Shore today and allow us the opportunity to make your property pristine and stump free! Our Northern Beaches tree service providers are the best in the business and ready to help service your trees in all Sydney regions.

      S&B Trees – North Shore Emergency Tree Removal

      Some trees have issues or problems that just can’t be reversed. After a while of trying to revive a tree or a certain set of trees, it may be time to remove them entirely, especially if the tree has branches that could fall at any moment and seriously injure a pedestrian. Trust the professional arboriculturists at S&B Trees to safely and accurately remove any tree within any emergency. S&B Trees specialize in removing trees, especially in emergencies, to focus on our customer’s safety as a top priority. Through specified knowledge and a certain set of skills, S&B Trees understands what it takes to remove any tree, within any location, and within any situation possible. Tree removals can become incredibly hazardous or dangerous when companies who do not understand what they are doing, proceed with removing trees. Trust in the professionals at S&B Trees to take care of your emergency tree removal. Providing landscaping services, especially emergency tree removal services, is our specialty and S&B Trees is committed to providing quality tree removal services to any citizen within the North Shore area.

      S&B Trees removing a tree that has been cut down.

      Arborist North Shore

      Recognized for having a team of top arborists and landscapers, S&B Trees can provide you with a tree service, unlike any other landscaping company! Through hard work and meticulous landscaping skills, S&B Trees’ team of arborists can provide our customers with any landscaping service that they may require. It is our responsibility as a top-rated landscaping company in North Shore, to provide every one of our customers with an entirely safe and efficient landscaping service experience. Whether you are looking for a skilled and trustworthy arborist to care for your residential landscaping or the greenery surrounding your commercial office space, trust the arborists and landscaping specialists at S&B Trees to complete any landscaping task that you may require. We can provide you with a detailed landscaping service that will clearly show you why S&B Trees is the most trusted arborist and tree servicing company in the North Shore area.

      Why Choose S&B Trees?

      If you need tree removal services and are located within the North Shore area, call the knowledgeable and skilful professionals at S&B Trees to assist you during your predicament. We have extensive knowledge of caring for your landscaping and have the abilities care for your tree’s every need. Whether your tree is sick or damaged, S&B Trees have the tools and the skill sets behind being able to either bring your trees back to outstanding health or to remove your tree or trees in an entirely safe and efficient way. S&B Trees is filled with professional arboriculturists and landscapers that can assist you with any tree removal service and can easily walk you through the entire process. We are fully equipped with the tools and the skillsets to safely and accurately remove any tree. Trust the specialists at S&B Trees and give us a call today! We even have Northern Beaches Tree Services conducted by a friendly, and experienced team.

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      S&B Tree Services offers premier tree lopping services that are perfectly tailored to the unique environmental conditions of North Shore. Our expertise in tree lopping is rooted in our deep understanding of local flora and our commitment to maintaining your property’s natural beauty and safety.


      As the leading tree loppers in the North Shore, we bring a level of professionalism and precision that is unmatched. Our experienced team, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, ensures that every lopping job is conducted meticulously, keeping your trees healthy and your landscapes pristine. 

      Enhancing Your Landscape with Tree Trimming

      Tree trimming, a vital aspect of tree care, involves selectively cutting branches and foliage to improve a tree’s health and appearance. Here are the benefits of tree trimming in enhancing your landscape:


      • Aesthetic Improvement: Expert trimming sculpts trees, boosting the overall appearance of your property.
      • Health Enhancement: Removing dead or diseased branches promotes better tree health.
      • Safety Increase: Trimming reduces the risk of falling branches, ensuring safety.

      Our tree trimming in the North Shore improves the aesthetic attractiveness of your landscape and aids in the health and lifespan of your trees.

      Comprehensive Tree Removal Solutions

      Tree removal involves securing and effectively eliminating trees, particularly those that pose risks or hinder development. Our tree removal services In the North Shore is driven by:


      • Safety Concerns: Remove risks posed by unstable or sick trees to guarantee the security of your property and its environment.
      • Landscape Management: Facilitating new construction or landscaping projects by removing obstructive trees, enhancing your property’s aesthetic and functional value.
      • Health of Surrounding Vegetation: Preventing the spread of tree diseases, protecting the health and vitality of your garden or green space and the broader ecosystem.

      At S&B Tree Services, our certified arborists are equipped to handle any tree removal task, big or small, ensuring the safety and aesthetic of your North Shore property.

      Specialised Arborist Services In the North Shore

      We pride ourselves on being an excellent arborist in the North Shore. Our certified professionals are dedicated to delivering high-quality service, guaranteeing that we not only fulfil but surpass your expectations. Possessing a sharp attention to detail, we stand as a beacon of trust and skill in arboriculture.

      The Importance of Professional Arborist Care

      Professional arborist care is critical for maintaining the health and beauty of your trees. Here’s why:


      • Expert Diagnosis and Treatment: We can identify and treat tree diseases and pests.
      • Proper Pruning Techniques: We use suitable methods for different tree species.
      • Long-Term Tree Health: Regular care by S&B Tree Services ensures trees’ longevity.

      These aspects are integral to maintaining the lush landscapes of North Shore, making our North Shore tree services indispensable.

      Customised Tree Care and Maintenance

      Customised tree care and maintenance address various concerns, including:


      • Disease Prevention: Tailored care can prevent or mitigate tree diseases.
      • Weather Adaptation: Specific maintenance can help trees withstand local weather conditions.
      • Aesthetic Preferences: Custom care can shape trees to your desired appearance.

      Enhance Your North Shore Landscape with S&B Tree Services

      For every tree care requirement in the North Shore, turn to S&B Tree Services. We offer comprehensive tree lopping, tree trimming, tree removal, and more, all performed by our certified arborists. Rely on us to enhance the beauty of your landscape while maintaining the well-being and security of your trees. Contact S&B Tree Services today for expert tree services in the North Shore.


      Your Frequently Asked Questions

      S&B trees offers the North Shore area a wide variety of tree services to choose from. These services include, but are not limited to:

      • Tree Lopping
      • Tree Trimming
      • Stump Grinding
      • Tree Pruning
      • Mulching
      • Tree Removal
      • Land Clearing

      And so many more! Call the professionals at S&B Trees today!

      The professionally trained and certified tree specialists at S&B Trees, conveniently located within the North Shore area, offer our services to a wide range of suburbs located in this specific area. These suburbs include, but are not limited to:

      • Gladesville
      • Greenwich
      • Hunters Hill
      • Huntleys Point
      • Woolwich
      • Asquith
      • East Ryde
      • Epping

      And so many more!

      The landscapers and professionally trained arborists at S&B Trees completely understands what it takes to remove an unwanted tree on your property. We are prepared with the equipment and skill sets to safely and efficiently remove any tree that may be causing an issue on your property.

      S&B Trees, located within the Northern Beaches area, services our clients with only the best arborists in the area! Our landscapers have been certified and professionally trained to remove any tree of any size. We are fully equipped with the equipment to safely remove any tree that may be bothersome to our clients.

      Our tree loppers in the North Shore combine specialised skills and attributes. Our local expertise ensures a profound understanding of the North Shore’s specific tree species and environmental conditions, enabling us to provide highly effective and tailored tree care. We utilise advanced techniques and the latest equipment, ensuring every lopping job is executed precisely and carefully. Furthermore, our comprehensive service offering covers the full spectrum of tree care, from essential maintenance to complex removals, making us a one-stop solution for all tree-related needs in the North Shore area.

      Identifying the need for tree pruning in the North Shore is crucial for maintaining its health and appearance. The process involves a few key observations:


      1. Inspect for Dead Branches: Search for branches with no new growth. Dead branches are typically dry, brittle, and lack foliage, posing a falling risk and necessitating removal for safety.
      2. Observe Branch Structure: Look for overlapping or crowded branches. These can impede a tree’s growth by obstructing sunlight and air, warranting pruning for healthier growth and structural appeal.
      3. Check for Diseases: Stay alert for signs of decay, infections, or pests, such as unusual growths, discoloured leaves, or bark holes. Pruning diseased areas early helps prevent its spread and maintains tree health.
      4. Assess Tree Shape and Size: Prune trees that seem unbalanced or overly large for their space, both for aesthetics and to mitigate risks from overhanging branches.
      5. Consider the Season: Certain trees benefit from seasonal pruning. For instance, many are best pruned in late winter or early spring during dormancy and before new growth starts.

      Reasons for professional tree removal include:


      • Safety: Our professional arborists are trained to remove trees, particularly those that pose hazards safely. This includes trees that are unstable, diseased, or dangerously close to structures. Employing us significantly minimises the risks of accidents or property damage. 
      • Expertise: Our arborists possess specialised knowledge to correctly assess which trees need removal and the best methods to execute the task. Our expertise ensures that tree removal is done efficiently, safely, and in a manner least disruptive to the surrounding environment.
      • Equipment: We have the right tools and machinery for tree removal. This equipment, which can range from chainsaws to cranes, is essential for handling the complexities of safely cutting and removing large trees, especially in challenging locations.
      • Environmental Consideration: Professional tree removal services are mindful of the ecological impact. We ensure that the removal is conducted responsibly, considering the surrounding ecosystem, and often include services like stump grinding and disposing of the removed tree in an environmentally friendly manner.


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        What Our Clients Say

        Bradley Stoneham
        Bradley Stoneham
        The team did an excellent job of removing a tree from our back yard. It was logistically a little tricky with a single lane back road, but they discussed it, decided on an approach and got through the work fast. Highly recommend!
        Briana Davis
        Briana Davis
        From quotation to doing the tree removal it has been a pleasure to deal with Michael and Sandy. I had a few people out to quote and there friendliest and value couldn’t be beaten. All of the team were so respectful of the site and work and it was such a pleasure to have them on the job. They were prompt and good at communicating with me and did a great job. Thanks Sandy & team.
        Cara B
        Cara B
        Sandy is very professional. Set a time to come to check out our trees and arrived promptly. Lovely to deal with.
        Joanne Mulligan
        Joanne Mulligan
        The team were very professional and worked well together. They were friendly and helpful and gave us good advice. The removal of a large jacaranda was performed with great skill and safety. They cleaned up very well. This is the second time Ive used them. The cost was very reasonable given comparison with other tree services and the demands of the work. I would highly recommend them
        Elizabeth McCartney Royal
        Elizabeth McCartney Royal
        Sandy and team run a very professional business.
        Saskia van Loon
        Saskia van Loon
        S&B Tree Services were fantastic! Would highly recommend them! Our block of units had 3 large trees pruned and they put a lot of time and effort into it and they really did an excellent job! The whole process was easy and hassle free - friendly staff, professional, were on time, great value and they cleaned everything up afterwards and left it all neat and tidy! Our neighbours also said that S&B Tree Services did a far better job than other companies that had been used in the past!
        Lynda Wilson
        Lynda Wilson
        Great value, professional tree pruning service. Did a great job on the trees and cleaning up. Very easy to deal with! Thank you.
        Laura Taylor
        Laura Taylor
        Sandy and the team were great! We had a few trees removed and some overgrown trees turned into a hedge. The team were efficient, left the place tidy and gave us tips on keeping on top of pruning to thicken up the hedged tree. Highly recommended!